Manage your workforce efficiently with Mind FEMS

in this age of competition, a business can excel only when it can effectively manage its most valuable assets – its employees. High-quality workforce management is, therefore, an essential part of modern business strategy. However, it is vital to have the right tools to manage a substantial workforce efficiently. Our workforce management solutions can help you manage your workforce and significantly improve productivity, efficiency, and performance.

Our workforce management solution, Mind FEMS, is a fluid employee management framework that streamlines and simplifies every aspect of employee management. It provides you with accurate insights to focus on your employees throughout their life cycle and achieve business success.

Our Mind FEMS workforce management system is awarded the 'Most Impactful System Award' by Global Workforce Management Forum (GWFM) in 2020 for demonstrating maturity in adoption and design that results in creating value for the business. It goes to show the quality and efficacy of our workforce management solutions.

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Improve Productivity and Efficiency of Employees with Mind FEMS

The Mind FEMS tool is a one-stop-shop solution for managing employee life cycle management to meet the needs of both managers and employees and various departments. Some departments that will benefit from this tool are:

Human Resource

When managing a global workforce, you must focus on delivering quality or building culture. Our workforce management solutions provide you with a powerful, flexible human resource management software package that structure and streamlines many aspects of HRs, from recruitment and onboarding to training, leaves, absence, and holiday management to performance. MIND FEMS is easy to configure and can be customized as per your business needs. It offers you benefits like proven practice workflows and announcements, accurate reporting, and better compliance methodologies.


MIND FEMS tool streamlines the critical elements of modern-day business- people, job, and time. The tool can boost your operational efficiency, reduce manhours and manage Timeline Adherence. Our workforce management solutions better facilitate the process of recruitment, workforce handling, and workforce retention using manpower analytics and accurate record keeping. To date, MIND FEMS has contributed to cost savings and business transformation for many of our clients.


Businesses today prefer to make critical business decisions based on complex data. Business Analytics derived from the curated records helps you make up your mind. MIND FEMS makes your business and processes more efficient & effective and helps you distinguish the productivity of an employee, a department, and your organization. MIND FEMS's Business Analytics Module acts as a centralized report repository where you can create customized spreadsheets and analytic views.


MIND FEMS acts as a well-planned, efficient payroll administration system by managing the calculation of salaries, wages bonuses, net pay, tax deductions, and disbursements of salaries to employees. Its payroll processing software for accountants helps you handle anything from a simple payroll administration to complex global models involving payroll for thousands of employees. The tool helps you update employee information automatically based on individual and group configuration of leave and pay components.


With MIND FEMS, you can manage batch scheduling, team collaboration, instructor engagement, assessments, and reporting in both instructor-based and virtual training. FEMS empowers your training department to manage, plan, implement, and track training batches effectively through meaningful analytics. It also provides your agents the opportunity of self-learning by giving them access to the knowledge base. This way, agents can learn from anywhere, at any time, and improve their knowledge at their own pace.


Using an integrated approach, MIND FEMS offers you an integrated approach for policy information dissemination. When you can arrange policies regarding risks, compliance, audit, health, and safety in a centralized repository for policies, procedures, and processes, it strengthens your organization's compliance efforts. With the integrated system of FEMS, it is possible to improve Employee compliance training, resulting in more focused business processes, operational reviews, and better corrective action strategies.


FEMS inculcate culture into an organization through documented procedures and standards. For an organization with diverse management and operational protocols, MIND FEMS can bring consistency to diverse management and operations protocols. It can seamlessly coordinate with different connecting processes and behaviors. Its performance management software facilitates self-assessments, increases the frequency of inspections and evaluations of shortfalls that need to be addressed.


MIND FEMS can be integrated with a Helpdesk that serves as a single point of contact for inter-department assistance requests. The helpdesk feature ensures that your organization can handle every issue properly, effectively, and efficiently. The helpdesk feature strengthens the employee management system and makes it more efficient in addressing key employee issues.

Mind FEMS is awarded the ‘Most Impactful System Award’ by Global Workforce Management Forum (GWFM) in 2020 for demonstrating maturity in adoption and design that results in creating value for the business

MIND FEMS Features

The tool is designed to reduce time in routine works and increase efficiency through automation and self-service. Some Key features of our Mind FEMS tool are:

  • Attendance, break, and tardiness monitoring with different productivity module
  • Productivity measurement with EfficiencyX with on-demand access to screenshots from employee’s system
  • A central location for all employee data along with employee self service
  • A central knowledgebase and FAQ module to promote self-learning among employees
  • HR Modules to keep track of Recruitment, leave, F&F, IJP, Happiness, Referrals, policies, employee exit, and performance improvement plan (PIP), salary slips, and IT declaration.
  • Employee development, Progression, Training, surveys, and engagement tracking through different service modules.
  • Real-time QA monitoring and QA feedback that improves agent performance. Agents can listen to the calls anytime to learn from their mistakes.
  • Business analytics to provide strategic and predictive insights for informed decision making. It is coupled with executive & management reporting.
  • Efficient interaction system through organizational announcements, birthday notifications, pop-up messages, and banners.

Case Study

Find out how Mind FEMS has helped the HR team of a reputed call center reduce their employee data processing time by 70% using self-service.

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Industries We Serve


    MIND FEMS has helped many clients from IT/ITES industries streamline their workforce management and related operations and boost their efficiency and productivity.

  • Retail

    Many retail companies looking for workforce management solutions have found MIND FEMS suitable for boosting their employees' performance and efficiency.

  • Manufacturing

    Mind FEMS can also be an excellent employee management system for manufacturing businesses and can help them streamline payroll, attendance, and human resource functionalities.

  • Healthcare

    Our employee management system can be an excellent workforce management tool for healthcare companies. Many of our healthcare clients have already benefited from it.

  • Utility

    MIND FEMS is an excellent solution for utility businesses looking for workforce management solutions. It has already helped a number of our utility clients streamline their operations.

  • BFSI

    With our Mind FEMS tool, our BFSI clients have been able to streamline their human resource, workforce management, and payroll functionalities.